Banking in Italy

Banking in Italy can be hard work.  You have to do most things in a branch even registering for online banking can be a chore.  They often have a queue system which means it could take hours to just do some basic banking.  There are options, mainly the new type of banks are the solution, plus most allow you to use the apps or online banking in a language of choice.

In smaller cities, towns and villages more and more places are accepting cards, and there are a lot more cash machines (ATM) about than previously.  I’ve not personally come across a card terminal that is not contactless, which makes using a card easier than previously as you don’t have to explain too much if you want to pay by card.

Italy for the older generation is very cash based, which means markets don’t take to take cards and smaller single manned shops, but that is changing.  So you can get by using your card, and withdrawing cash if need be from an ATM.  You don’t have to visit a bank branch at all nowadays with the modern banks.

Revolut – Banking without any borders

Revolut is probably one of the most well known of the new banks.  It offers many options you expect from a traditional bank including instant notifications.  

It offers banking for free, which isn’t normal in Italy so that is a great bonus.

If you use this link you get a free card

Monese – Mobile banking in the whole of Europe

There are many mobile only banks, some are good, some not so good.

For someone in Italy Monese is a good choice, it offers all the features you need for a bank and is a Euro account, so usable in the whole of Italy with ease.

The account comes with real-time notifications so you can keep track of your spending.    You can use the Monese app in English despite you being in Italy, so makes banking less of a chore.

If you use this link, you get some money when you first use the account, normally varies between 5 and 20 euros

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