Italy unlike most countries controls and regulates when you are allowed to have your heating systems on. For someone coming from other countries this can be very strange, but it’s a way they help to preserve energy, although logically not sure how it does, in many places no one cares.

As a simple rule you are not allowed to heat your home, office or schools over 20c, but they do allow a 2c margin which means 22c is the absolute maximum you can have you heating.

Factories and workshops the maximum is 18c (or 20c allowing the 2c margin)

The country is divided into 6 Zones, the zone regulate when you can turn your heating on.

The following date and time restrictions apply every year:

Zone A:

December 1st to March 15th, 6 hours/day Islands of Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione Porto Empedocle

Zone B:

December 1st to March 31st, 8 hours/day Agrigento Catania Messina Palermo Siracusa Trapani Reggio Calabria Crotone

Zone C:

November 15th to March 31st, 10 hours/day

North-west: Imperia.

Centre: Latina.

South: Bari; Benevento; Brindisi; Cagliari; Caserta; Catanzaro; Cosenza; Lecce; Naples; Oristano; Ragusa; Salerno; Sassari; Taranto.

Zone D:

November 1st to April 15th, 12 hours/day

North-west: Genoa; La Spezia; Savona.

North-east: Forlì.

Centre: Ancona; Ascoli Piceno; Florence; Grosseto; Livorno; Lucca; Macerata; Massa Carrara; Pesaro; Pisa; Pistoia; Prato; Rome; Siena; Terni; Viterbo.

South: Avellino; Caltanissetta; Chieti; Foggia; Isernia; Matera; Nuoro; Pescara; Teramo; Vibo Valentia.

Zone E:

October 15th to April 15th, 14 hours/day

North-west: Alessandria; Aosta; Asti; Bergamo; Biella; Brescia; Como; Cremona; Lecco; Lodi; Milan; Novara; Padova; Pavia; Sondrio; Torino; Varese; Verbania; Vercelli.

North-east: Bologna; Bolzano; Ferrara; Gorizia; Modena; Parma; Piacenza; Pordenone; Ravenna; Reggio Emilia; Rimini; Rovigo; Treviso; Trieste; Udine; Venice; Verona; Vicenza. Centre: Arezzo; Perugia; Frosinone; Rieti.

South: Campobasso; Enna; L’Aquila; Potenza.

Zone F:

No restrictions Cuneo Belluno Trento

Rules may change depending on the weather, for example some regions may allow you to turn the heating on earlier if it gets colder earlier. For this you need to keep checking your local regions website.

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