Italy operates an open market when it comes to Energy suppliers, although the state run one Enel is what many people use, please note Enel is by far one of the most expensive suppliers in Italy and if you haven’t changed suppliers you are being overcharged by a lot.

Changing suppliers is simple, it can be done online for nearly all the major suppliers in Italy, there are some very big well known suppliers in Italy, so the risk of changing is zero, it’s all done quickly and simply, there is normally a delay depending on your local distributor, so it can take anything from 14 days to 3 months to do, but as it’s automated it’s not a big issue waiting.

If you wish to change a name on the contract supply before changing suppliers, for example changing from parents name into yours, do that with your current supplier first, it’s just a contract change rather than a new contract and for most that can be done online as well.

The big Energy suppliers in Italy are Enel (Wise to avoid unless you love paying over the top) E-On, Engie, Plenitude, Eni, Edison. There are lots more and some offer great rates including the likes of Wekiwi, acea, illumia.

Don’t be afraid to look around and compare prices, there are a number of price comparison sites you could use including or

The open market means prices are competitive, look out for fixed or variable rates, variable tends to be better value as the energy market is very competitive so the wholesale rate changes a lot

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