BBVA Italia – Simple, modern & does it all

When it comes to banks there are many choices. BBVA is a massive Spanish bank that also operates online in Italy. For those of us whose first language in not Italian this is a great choice. Opening an account on the app you can select English, you can also use the app in English as well.

As far as bank accounts go, this is a very modern account, the debit card is a Mastercard but has no numbers on it, and the CVV the three digit code changes every time you want to make a card payment, hence cutting out any major risk of fraud.

Opening the account is very simple, it takes a few minutes. You just need a Italian Identity card, or you can use a passport of Tessora Sanitaria. The whole process is simple. They often run offers, like for example at the moment you get 10% cashback on all spending.

Despite this being an online only bank in Italy, it is a bank, hence you are completely protected. You can do everything a normal bank account does, including withdrawing and all your bill payments. The IBAN is Italian so accepted everywhere.

The app is great, something that after a bit of looking around you get the hang off, you can even change your card pin in app, or temporary suspend your card. The referral code is 77660031735749

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