The wonders of Italy – Explained

Italy is a wonderful country, but compared to lots of others, it has very unique ways of doing things.

Surviving Italy will show you how to do all the things most of us take for granted.  For example banking, utilities and online shopping.

There is also lots of help and advice, we offer translations of some Italian acts of law that are relevant, for example using CCTV in your own property.

We explain what to do in an emergency, how to deal with the Bureaucracy of the country, in fact this website will probably be your go to site.  We even have traditional recipes here, because who doesn’t like a bit of proper traditional cooking.

Italy is a vast and wonderful country, there is lots to do and see. You can understand why people move here. The pace of life takes a lot of getting used to. The queuing for hours for a doctor in some places for example, to Italians it’s normal, to the rest of us, it takes a lot of getting used to.

We try not to cover too much relating to covid and travel because it’s forever changing, and having the most up to date information is essential, plus lets be honest there is too many countries to cover. For information on travelling to the UK see here, for information on travelling into Italy from any country see here.

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